Episode 13: Halloween Spooktacular

Spend All Hallows’ Eve with Renato Laranja, mma legend Josh Barnett, and rising mma star Alyssa Garcia, in Josh’s haunted East L.A. mansion, for a blood-curdling screening/séance of forgotten 1986 horror classic “Neon Maniacs”.

Episode 11: No Holds Barred (Part 2)

Tag back into Renato’s conversation with WWE Superstar “MVP” and wrestle with Miami gang bangers, armed robbery, murder, betrayal, light-skin Haitians, The Iron Sheik, and thumbing Ric Flair in the eye, as he relives his journey from Miami stick-up kid to World Wrestling Champion.

Episode 10: No Holds Barred (Part 1)

Episode 10: No Holds Barred (Part 1) Uncle Renatch teams up with  professional wrestling superstars “MVP” and “Hurricane Helms” for a No-Holds-Barred, Death Match with Russian Gangsters, German Hooligans, Ric Flair, Judas Priest, a Boy Band and Al Jolson.